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Now you are just diving off the deep end ...

"Using callous language in the course of their job isn't a crime. Reactions to the video are purely emotional, based on the manner in which the pilots are speaking."

I got a news flash for you. The only reason you do something is only known by you. In order to discern intent all one can observe is the means you employ. Kind of like the Zimmerman trial. Was it murder or self defense? What Zimmerman or Martin were thinking is unobservable. Only their actions can be observed. Of course callous language is not a crime but if you think one's actions do not evidence intent your crazy.

"The Apache's were there to protect our ground troops first and foremost."

The ground troops that took forever to arrive? Are those the ground troops in the immediate area you are referring too?

"As the video shows, the group they were with was armed!"

I find it hilarious you would opine speech is not a crime but infer being armed is a crime in and of itself. The hypocrisy is well illustrated.

"What were these guys doing, why were the reporters with them?"

Great question because it is plain as day what they weren't doing which was engaging in any hostilities which is the only thing a member of the armed services should be concerning themselves with to make any determinations regarding the use of deadly force when patrolling an area which is not a live combat zone. As a USMC veteran I am 100% confident service members receive instruction in the ethics of war:

• Marines fight only enemy combatants.
• Marines do not harm enemy soldiers who surrender. Marines disarm
enemy soldiers and turn them over to superiors.
• Marines do not torture or kill enemy prisoners of war or detainees.
• Marines collect and care for the wounded, whether friend or foe.
• Marines do not attack medical or religious personnel, facilities or
• Marines destroy no more than the mission requires.
• Marines treat all civilians humanely.
• Marines do not steal; they respect private property and possessions.
• Marines do their best to prevent violations of the Law of War, and
report all violations to their superiors.

I suggest you read the whole thing but check out page 23:

"Attacking individual civilians who are not actively engaged in
direct hostilities against friendly forces or the civilian population."

Marine Corps MCRP (Marine Corps Reference Publication) 4-11.8B, War Crimes

I don't care how you want to describe it because anyone who watches the video can plainly see deadly force is used against civilian persons not actively engaged in any hostilities. Furthermore when you consider the comments made in the video it does not put using deadly force on individuals not actively engaged as enemy combatants in a better light.

Furthermore if someone does not take ethics training regarding laws of war and rules of engagement seriously by giving it their full undivided attention whose fault is that?

In addition, I don't want to hear any bullshit about the environment or helicopters getting shot down. That is part of the fucking job. The job is to identify and engage enemy combatants engaged in hostilities. Just because it is a stressful, tense environment doesn't give anyone a license to use deadly force without exercising good judgement.