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I am having an epiphany

I agree with you ... the only intent, purpose, and function of any claim is not to assert something as true (rolls eyes).

I agree with you ... there are infinite species of claims beyond merely being (a) valid or true; (b) invalid or untrue, or (c) partially valid or partially true. (rolls eyes).

I agree with you ... whether or not a claim is valid or invalid is irrelevant and should never be a part of any discussion about any claim. (rolls eyes)

Hey, let's talk about some people who consider themselves as a race. So ... how are these people doing? What have they been up to lately? I sure hope all is well with these people. Do they need anything? Hey, you brought these people up so what did you want to talk about with regards their well being?

Obviously we don't need to consider the validity of any of their claims since you have repeatedly objected to doing so. We need not consider whether it is true. We need not consider what such people call themselves or what they call the race they identify as. Let us simply recognize it is true for them and we have a duty and obligation to accept what they deem as true without consideration. I heard from a little drinking bird people thinking the world is flat may be coming back into fashion but don't worry we ought not consider whether any such claim is true (rolls eyes).

Thanks for being a well spring of wisdom. I couldn't have had this great moment without you.