Comment: You human beings are so much in chains...

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You human beings are so much in chains...

Why do you think Brad changed his name?

Because he read one poem:

between heaven and hell - by Tomasz Dybowski

my name is Michael
I died burned alive in the back of Bradley
body mixed with sulphur
carbon monoxide being my last breath

I came to you this morning
saw you reading a story about Iraq
was hovering above your teary face
I knew I had to find a way to be heard
since I know you are a poet

it was me who whispered to you
go and buy a Canadian Sherry
when in the liquor store
it is as if you looked at my blood
and its droplets were beginning to tell my story

young soldier when dying thinks of mother first
my last moments were of my mom taking me by the hand
walking me to my first class
all those strangers
only my mom being familiar to me

when I noticed that my soul is no longer with my body
I felt lightness of being
seems for the first time in my life I could fly
saw fellow soldiers who where badly injured
screams and crying

I flew some distance and I saw
the insurgents who where very happy
patting each other and embracing
one was kissing his mothers photo
could not believe what I saw
he was right there kissing photo of his mom

a soul approached me
he spoke in poor English
his first words where
Mister no war please no war
who are you I said to him
he answered after a while
you Mister killed me last week
my family does not know where I am
I have five children at home hungry

ever since that day me
and my new found friend roam the planet
we visit hospitals and morgues
cemeteries and peace vigils
perhaps the candle you hold in your hand right at this very moment
pierces the light of our souls candle like flames

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