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Comment: lol, you're still a nut.

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lol, you're still a nut.

lol, you're still a nut. Since you seem confused let me help you with the meaning of this. The definition of a nut is "a crazy or eccentric person." And crazy is defined as "mentally deranged, esp. as manifested in a wild or aggressive way."

That's you. Believing oneself to be superior to others is mentally deranged. Believing you know things that you don't, or that you've had experiences that you haven't, that's mentally deranged. You also fit the definition of crazy in that you display a "wild" and "aggressive" attitude. You go on and on with inconsistent, irrelevant, and might I add, incoherent, ramblings. I recognize these ramblings aren't an intentional tactic aimed to change the subject though, it's simply how your brain works. So, again, deranged.

Unicorns aren't real.