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Just want to point out

that Caucasian is a term for people born in the Caucasus region; it has little to do with being 'white'. Also, virtually all groups of people have built their societies 'off the backs' of other groups, so that's not exclusive to white people.

I find it interesting the only kind of race-related discussions that are seen as being generally socially acceptable are the ones that paint white and/or Arab people in a bad light. Try to bring up Latinos, or God forbid, Black people? Suddenly it's all "forget about color", "race is a social construct", "grow up" etc.

Regardless of one's opinion on the whole 'race' issue as a whole, and whether it even truly exists or not, it's pretty hard to not notice the double standard that's applied to those who say anything that could possibly be construed as being "pro-white", versus being say, "pro-black". The MSM, and political hacks in general play it up constantly and most people buy right into it.

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