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Sounds pretty likely on all

Sounds pretty likely on all counts. The GOP big wigs/elites wont pick Rand. They know he's not a bankers guy and who his daddy is. Paul Ryan sounds about right, I think it's gonna be Christie, he's from the Northeast, where most of the nominees have come from in both parties, other than the Bushes, and they are old money all the way. The media will call him a "dynamic" speaker, etc etc, the same stuff they did to boost Romney. Or it will be Jeb Bush, someone like that. Rand needs to get re-elected to the Senate, he's doing a good job. I think the 2016 talk is premature, we need to make a certain someone a lame duck next year, and it is possible. Also a bunch of RINO's are being primaried. God I wish Lee Bright could prevail over Graham in SC. Also McConnell is being challenged.

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"