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Comment: oh, calm down--

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oh, calm down--

You obviously haven't read what I have written. I refuse to be an extremist.

I openly admire (and am sometimes criticized for doing so) people like Miko Peled and Rabbi Weiss and so many others who speak out about Israel--

and I have respect for the many Americans (on DP and elsewhere) who are courageous enough to criticize America's many faults--

I get hit from every side--

No, I tried to say that once a person says, "anti-Semite", the argument is lost--

is this happening because of dual citizenship? Frankly, I couldn't make much sense of the video.

I am concerned about American veterans, and I am not one; nor do I have a family member who is one; I just think it's wrong the way the American government has abandoned the veterans--

that's why I tried to watch this youtube--

but all the narrator could say was, "Jew, Jewish, Israeli, Jew"--

if there are corrupt businesspeople, then they need to be made to answer; how can that be done?

I need more proof; that's all--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--