Comment: the youtube is of the general . . .

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the youtube is of the general . . .

MacArthur; why did you link if, if you meant to talk about McCarthy instead?

There's no link for McCarthy, and I know who both men are--

I understand the globalization is a problem--

I'm not underplaying the evil of having Russian troops on American soil; I am merely saying that most of my neo-conservative 'friends' are horrified by such things but close their eyes on the local police getting out of control--

I don't see the difference--

malignance is malignance wherever it is found--

If you meant to discuss McCarthy, then you should have posted a link for him--

his alcoholism probably got the better of him, but he got WAY out of control--

he went too far, and he was probably 'used', too--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--