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deacon - I don't disagree with Freedom Express's comment...

... I up-voted it actually, because it's very accurate.

The problem I have with it, is the "Zionist" term.

He understands, and admits that Rothschilds are using Israel, and will eventually use her up, and eliminate Israel.

How is that Zionist? How does destroying Israel, help Jews have a homeland in the land of ancient Israel? See what I'm saying?

The definition of Zionism, needs to be consistant, and clear.
My understanding, as a Jew, is Zionism has always been about Israel simply being Israel, just existing.
There are definitely those individuals and groups, who have from the beginning, been manipulating Israel for evil deeds, and who are not friends with the people of Israel, or Judaism. If THAT is what you mean by "Zionist", that needs to be clear.

Now... where did you get that definition of Zionism that you posted? It can seem disingenuous to not provide a source for your definition.

That "definition" assumes so much that isn't true. It assumes "Palestine" was once it's own nation, stolen by Jews. That is inherent in that particular definition. There is no known official State of Palestine. Never was. The Romans renamed Judea, "Palestine", as an insult after destroying the Temple.
"Palestine" comes from the biblical term Philistine. As in the Philistines. There is no "P" sound in Arabic. So it would be pronounce "Ph", Philistine.

On top of being loaded, and misleading, that definition is out-dated.

"1. a political movement for the establishment and support of a national homeland for Jews in Palestine, now concerned chiefly with the development of the modern state of Israel"

Israel is already been established, for 65 years. Israel has already been developed.

Again, I don't disagree with Freedom Express's comment. I am against all foreign aid, and am a non-interventionist. But I personally support a sovereign Israel. Same views as Dr. Paul, on how we should relate to them politically.

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