Comment: Yet another person relegates himself to oblivion

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Yet another person relegates himself to oblivion

Switching to Libertarian Party to run for congress makes NO sense, especially when there's already a Libertarian Party candidate in the race. If you're already registered Republican, run as a Republican.

In the Louisiana primary, where every party's candidates are on the same ballot and there's a top two runoff if no one gets over 50% the first time, you have a chance, but not if you do something that nearly guarantees that every media outlet has an excuse to ignore you or call you a "disgruntled" Republican, etc.

But please try to evaluate the electoral scenario, too.

Best case is that you get the other Libertarian to drop out (I'd like to see you try convincing him that you're "more libertarian" or "more electable" than him), consolidate the liberty vote, and end up in the runoff with one of the Republicans (or a Democrat, which is much less likely in Louisiana). This puts you in the same situation as many other congressional races in the past few elections, in many states, and it has always resulted in the Libertarian losing.

Stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Liberty candidates in the Republican party have gotten elected to congress, including US senators, and are making real gains toward turning back the tide of statism. That is more successful than any Libertarian Party candidate has been, ever. That is how Ron Paul kept the fire going and that's how the movement has been growing in the past 4 years.

Even in legislative races, Libertarian Party candidates have lost every time for many years now. Only in New England in the 1990s did Libertarians get elected to the legislature in meaningful numbers, where there's hundreds of tiny districts in Maine and New Hampshire. The Libertarian Party's inability to get elected to the federal or state-wide level stopped their growth and they can't even win those tiny state house districts any more.

Stop relegating yourselves to political oblivion by joining the Libertarian Party. People may say that they "root for the underdog", but when the vote is on the line, most people will always go with a top dog. Stop listening to what people say and start seeing what people DO.

For a Republican to run as a Libertarian Party candidate ONLY promotes that political party, it does not grow the movement and make real gains for liberty.