Comment: my neo-conservative 'friends' (fellow church members)

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my neo-conservative 'friends' (fellow church members)

get enraged and send out angry FB comments if it appears that Russia or any Muslim country is doing anything 'out of line'--

they also get terribly indignant about Obama.

They refuse to see that America is becoming a police state and that 'regular, ordinary' Americans in police uniforms are bullying Americans all over the country daily.

They refuse to see that America has done anything wrong overseas.

They refuse to believe that Bush did anything wrong, and they refuse to talk about 9/11 being anything other than what Bush said it was--

so, when someone brings up the big, bad terribly Russia (and I'm in my 60s, so I WAS indoctrinated to believe that Russia was big and bad and terrible)--

I yawn.

Oh, and my 'friends' also believe that African Americans in inner cities and people from Mexico (whether legal or illegal) are the causes of America's problems--

they don't believe the Drug War is bad at all--

So, if I have a 'knee jerk' reaction when I see a 'Russia is scary; it's time to get scared about Russia again'--video . . .

you'll understand why.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--