Comment: I think friendships are man

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I think friendships are man

I think friendships are man made, as it takes effort to make them work, and a conscious choice. I think the desire to have friends is a natural one.

We partner up because partnering up is to the mutual benefit of survival of ourselves, or to the survival of our genetics through children.

People can come together in a community of mutual cooperation through choice, or they can have it thrust upon them. Our country already existed through the creation of others, prior to my birth. People see mutual benefit through cooperation, but then assholes come along and find ways to exploit the production of others. As a member of a "country" (imaginary lines), I don't know everyone in my community, and some of them I do know, I don't like. So far the pros outweigh the cons, so I haven't moved out in the middle of the woods yet.