Comment: Larry Yates, in his own words...

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Larry Yates, in his own words...

From the website of Larry Yates, the opponent of Dr. Berg in the Virginia 29th race:

** Opposition to Marion Barry (the race-baiting former DC mayor) and Rev. Jeremiah Wright is rooted in white-on-black racism, and "we whites will never totally lose that feeling of knowing better, the unconscious sense of being superior as a white person, of being the center of the rational universe." -

** In the post-Bush era, we need to "respond in real ways to global warming and attendant plagues and miseries, without centralizing or applying cookie cutter responses, using the best mixture we can cobble together of market, command and cooperative economics" and "figure out how we come to terms, as peacefully as possible, with the core of armed white males that holds this society hostage in so many ways." -

** "All we are defending is our fear. That is all that whiteness is. Fear, and the privilege of sharing in the loot that fear has accumulated over the centuries. Fear, and all the ways that living in fear has distinguished us from the rest of humanity over five centuries." -

** "In Virginia, as in most states of the U.S.A., concerned nonprofit housing professionals and activists developed a state housing coalition in response to the federal government's retreat from its housing responsibilities in the early 1980s. -

There is more, but the impression that emerges of Mr. Yates is that of a guilt-mongering statist. Further, it seems that Yates is a "stealth candidate" who is shrewdly hiding his ideology from the electorate. While I am sure that Dr. Berg would rather run a purely positive campaign, it may be necessary to publicize the previously-expressed views of Mr. Yates, thereby forcing Yates to embrace, clarify, or repudiate his own words. The voters in the 29th District have a right to know what the candidates actually believe and propose.

Virginia Liberty patriots, this race is taking place within your Commonwealth, to fill a seat within your House of Delegates. You need to take the lead on this and support Dr. Berg. The GOP Establishment is apparently willing to let Berg lose, probably with the expectation that a status-quo Republican will then reclaim the seat in the next election. This is a "rubber meets the road" situation: an off-year election, two starkly different candidates, one of them a fellow Liberty patriot. Please give of your time, talent, and treasure to elect Dr. Berg! Thank you.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand