Comment: Did you, by any chance, see the movie, "The Forgotten"?

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Did you, by any chance, see the movie, "The Forgotten"?

According to a lot of "occult" sources, parallel timelines are overlapping since December 21, 2012. These parallel timelines are said to intersect until Sometime in Fall (probably late September), at which time they will stop intersecting for anywhere from 1,000 to 23,000 years. However, sometime during the intersections, a certain number of souls will advance to the next level of reality, a process Christians (many of whom are probably scoffing at you) as "ascension".

I would probably be one of the "scoffers," had I not undergone some really amazing "miracles" since 911. One of the weirdest as an experience I had in late May, when, two nights running, I suffered a complete loss of motor coordination in my hands. I simply could not complete the thought processes necessary to find the keys on my keyboard. Before I called my doctor to have a CT Scan scheduled, I checked a with a physicist friend who runs a Gnostic website I had found VERY reliable and learned that a magnetic pole reversal had occurred in one of the parallel timelines and this was rippling across the other timelines. For those ready to "laugh out loud," I have suffered no further symptoms such as this and later had a CT scan for a unrelated accident which no abnormality.