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Cluster F#%& DO NOT CALL

A new Constitutional Convention…….That is the shortest road to perdition. Every crazy known to mankind would be allowed to show up and with enough influence the gates of hell would be opened……bad idea…….period.

The only legal and non-violent way (which is the only way I am an advocate) is to have 38 States Houses amend the Constitution one last time to nullify the Constitution and return to the Articles of Confederation, the original constitution of State sovereignty and individual liberty. At the same time amend the Article of Confederation to implement these solutions to our financial mess.

1. Apportion the national debt to each state based upon population…..notice I did not say legal citizens, do you want to solve the illegal immigration problem….this will do it. Then if a state like California wants to become a sanctuary state they can put their money where their collective mouths are.

2. Phase out the Fed in a two year time frame while reestablishing the gold standard. Allow the market place to re-establish the TRUE price of gold. Judy Shelton described a perfect plan in her book “Money Meltdown”.

3. In two years, money becomes national private bank money backed by whatever the re-established price of an ounce of gold is in that time. The gold standard exist not to value the paper money….it’s exist to keep in check the amount of private bank notes issued. If for instances a bank has 1 billion dollars in gold and over issues it private bank notes and people see this( and with the advent of the internet it could become very transparent) the bank notes would fall in value, then the market place(through money brokers) would scoop up the devalued currency and present it to the bank for gold……the bank in turn would bring it’s over issued currency back in check…..through the free market ( this system existed once in this country and worked well look up Suffolk Bank system Rothbard History of money and banking).

4. Close the IRS and institute the National Retail Sales Tax advocated by Neal Boortz. This would return us to our roots as far as tax history in the country. It does not tax production but it does tax consumption….in the only agreeable way.

5. The National Retail Sales Tax would pay for the unfunded liabilities of SS and Medicare, for anyone over 50. Between 40 and 50 can decided to stay in or get out,If you decide to stay in you will continue to be taxed for these services until you retire.
Under 40 have to start preparing for their own retirement.

6. Eliminate the armed forces and return to state militias ONLY, which is what the second amendment states……that we should fear a “standing army”.

7. Any past present or future government employee will be forbidden from doing any work or business with any government local, state or federal.