Comment: What would we lose?

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What would we lose?

A valuable asset to the most passionate grassroots community I have witnessed in my lifetime. Over 6 years of work and networking.

This is a hub of everything Liberty. There is no other website like it on the internet.

Where will go to find information on Liberty folks that is a one stop shop?

-Ron Paul
-Rand Paul
-Ben Swann
-Alex Jones

Our movement needs the DailyPaul. When the mid-terms get started the traffic here is going to surge huge. Its been a reliable outlet for 3 elections. We continued to grow and suspect 14 is going to be a turning point. Things are getting hot. Syria. The shake up at Wall St. today. The change in the Fed. Manning. Snowden. Hastings.

I wonder if the NSA scandal is part of the reason why? Remember the Judge told Stossel that when your govt monitors you, it changes your perception and behavior. Im worried about it too. Sucks. We used to be free.

In the end, I understand its not my property and its not my decision. I love this place and believe its about to get pretty damn awesome.

Thom Yorke- Black Swan

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul