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I was created and raised in the military, which means, I was not created into freedom, but behind barbed wire with armed troops, where rank was what you are, who didn't matter except on personal levels.

I don't know mad23, so we are not lovers.

The military keeps secrets. ALL military's keep secrets.

Manning ADMITS he was wrong.

War is an atrocity.. my father was in three.. Manning is lucky to be alive.

It's not that the fed can do what it wants.. it is not up to manning, it is up to the branches of governemnt to change that, and if you want it to change then you vbecome part of the change by getting in politics, not joining the machine/military.

As for friends, my friends tell it like they see it, good, bad, ugly or wonderful.. we don't have to agree, but we do RESPECT the roles we assume. Manning joined the military machine.. maybe he should have run for congress.. and in 2020, maybe he will.