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I guess I just see things

I guess I just see things differently. I read the article and the comments. I just don't see the big deal with what Rand is saying. Manning and Snowden DID break the law. There is no way to write-in an exception to this law for ethics based whistle blowing because the circumstances are different in each case and different people have different moral values. It would be antithetical to a system that is supposed to strive for objectivity. Having said that however, I think Manning should've gotten about 5 years with time served and Snowden should be offered a plea to a minimal charge and brought back to sit down in front of a televised Congressional hearing. I think Rand's opinion, based on what I've heard, is probably pretty similar to mine. Let's recognize that laws were broken, in respect for the rule of law, and proceed from there to get to the bottom of why those laws were broken, namely a runaway intelligence structure trampling on the Constitution. Rand is not an anarchist, and I'm glad of it. I think people like Wenzel do us all a dis-service in slamming people like Rand.