Comment: I've thought about this all day

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I've thought about this all day

Whatever MN decides, I'm with him. He needs to do what he wants, what's BEST FOR HIM and his family, his life.

Would I miss DP.. YOU BET! I feel lucky to have the experience.

I miss surfing. I miss the Grateful Dead. I miss my Mom.

MN is right, all things must pass.. in a way DP has passed many times in many ways, like the Get Smart show opening

I guess the best part is how we tend to remember the good things, the times we blew coffee out our noses LOL, or cried tears of joy when Ron Paul made an epic timely speach, or met people we came to love, and want to meet, and learned something new.. and saw something amazing, like Ron Paul fading out and then back up again.

I have a DP wall of fame, beginning with ((((MN))) art which I miss.. or when he went to China, and the turkey in his backyard, and the trip to Japan, and the walks around Boston.

Be great to see a YouTube movie about DP. Be great if DP was part of the Ron Paul Channel..