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There you go again, taking

There you go again, taking things out of context, this time the scriptures! Try reading verse 1 and then proceed. Those verses are talking about the saints, aka church members, not fighting one another in the courts. The saints have the spirit and they should be above such squabbles. The context of judging the world is not in this life, but in the hereafter. The saints in this life are those that will judge the world in the councils of the afterlife.

The repetition is growing tired. As previously stated, the Apache pilots at worst made a mistake. They followed ROEs, had sufficient cause to engage, requested permission, got it, acted.

You sir were not there. You sir don't understand the context of what was going on, aren't and weren't privy to their orders. The long and short of it is that you literally don't know what you're talking about. The military is not reticent to prosecute soldiers who break the ROEs. You speak as though there is some grand coverup here and everybody in the freaking military is in on it, it's the big band of murderous brothers out terrorizing the landscape.

And if that were the case, you wouldn't hear them asking for permission at all. And they wouldn't be recording videos of their actions. Those soliders didn't choose to go to war, they were ordered to do so. If you have issues with the war, talk to the politicians that sent them. Acting criminally and trying to bring harm to the soldiers and local nationals isn't in any way a good response. That's the sort of justification a terrorist uses for blowing up a school.