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I 'met' Michael a long time before daily paul ever started. He was running a blog that talked about economics.

There were a lot of blogs talking about economics back then but his caught my eye because he discussed economics from the point of view of REALITY.

When Ron Paul announced his exploratory effort in the Spring of 2007, I dropped everything and got involved. Some time later I noticed that the 'BullNotBear' site no longer existed. (Forgive me Michael if I got the name wrong).

It was a long time later that I realized that I wasn't the only person that had dropped everything, and that my new found site of
was owned by the same person that hosted one of my favorite blogs.

Why do I bring this up? Because folks I think respect for the truth is the thing that binds us all liberty folks together. They know it when they see it.

Michael might have other plans. He's a person and not a slave. Depending on a web site instead of standing up for freedom on your own is NO BETTER than pronouncing to the world that you are a slave.

DailyPaul has made a great contribution, but if it is worshiped like a 'God' by some, it has lost it's purpose.

Think about it you Freedom Constitutionalists. I'm not going to beg Michael to provide me with anything.

This is not a Political Battle, this is a Cultural Battle. Just say NO to Tyranny every chance you have.