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I think it's very relevant

growing up in the military, civilian life was alien to me. I didn't get it. I wanted to be a civilian and it seemed most wanted to be in the military without guns and gates..

Military is it's own animal, reminds me of Peter Camejo.. he was Nader's running mate 04.. Camejo said he was drafted during Nam, but he didn't have to serve.. he had done a little homework. read all the small print on the contracts he was told he needed to sign. One contract released the MIC from any harm if he was injured. He refused to sign it. They couldn't force him to sign it. He was not drafted. No on drafted Manning.

Look.. he joined a killing machine. He chose to join it. He chose to give up his rights. He admits he was wrong. He knows, I know, mad23 knows, most military knows, and just because most on DP don't know or worse, don't care.. doesn't mean they are right or Manning is right.. Manning admitted he was wrong. There it is.