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then follow those that I am calling a racist...

You will see soon enough. It is not solely on this thread that the label is warranted. It is their entire behavior, posting patterns... You are much too new to have experienced it, but this is not the first time we have had the stormfront folks try this game.

They always do their level best to sound friendly and cordial even in the face of direct insults. They never insult back, but they do do is continuously post items like this, and "3 black kids kill a white boy because they were bored"... They always make it about race.

As libertarians, collectivist mentality should and does not play into our dialogue. So to consistently and repeatedly post items that reference race, or to claim that some other race is solely responsible for our evil, is sick...

It's not white guilt or anything else. These people are in fact racist and if you don't know that yet, then keep reading, you will see.

In addition, they have multiple accounts and aren't afraid to use them or lose them for that matter. If they get banned, they just come back with new names from their pool of accounts.

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