Comment: Is this a joke? 99% of

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Is this a joke? 99% of

Is this a joke? 99% of Americans don't even know who Michael Hastings is and if they were informed most wouldn't care about his story. Even of those that do know his story only a minority believe there is some secrete to reveal. So a boycott on this would result in a change in sales to small it couldn't even be statistically approximated.

And even if a powerful boycott were possible; it wouldn't be moral. So the FBI or CIA or Army operatives so mess with a car and cause a journalist to die, and we punish the completely innocent car company?

I hope the CIA never buys pens from honorable businessmen, I'd feel so bad having to boycott a good companies services for allowing people that do bad things to purchase their products. And after I finish typing this post I'll have to shut down this PC and toss it in the trash - after all it uses things like Windows, IBM chips, Chrome, Cisco, Adobe, etc... and I hear their products have are used by the CIA to injury innocents so I'm boycotting all these products as well. I'm selling my Toyota, converting the Federal Reserve notes I get in return to bit coins b/c I'm not certain the CIA has used those yet, but surely they have a few Toyota's and lots of dollars. Too bad I'll never be able to use those bit coins having trashed my PC, cell phone, table, VISA card, etc... Life will be tough for a while, but soon everyone will follow my example and Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Toyota, Intel, Facebook, and the US Federal Reserve will see our resolve, investigate the abuses and see it stopped, then all will be sun shine and rainbows, amen.