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lol. i wish we could all send

lol. i wish we could all send you on a vacation, i imagine you could use a break... seems the front page, best foot forward and the vote / activity driven algorithm of the site are sometimes at cross purposes. and the community element has fallen to the wayside without the galvanizing presence of someone like RP.

whether or not we'd be an asset or liability to a Rand campaign is a big question. finally, whether the Boss of DP still identifies with his own creation, as he continues on his own personal intellectual journey. i guess the question is, do those people who make DP work day to day have sufficient desire or motivation to keep it going?

do you think it would be downsized, rolled into something else, just simplified and made self sustaining, totally revamped, or scrapped altogether?

i would miss it if it was gone. at the same time, i probably spend more time here than i ought to, and all things do come to an end.

anyway, im gonna go watch tv, or get between the sheets.

paece to all if you're gone when i get back.