Comment: 1) I highly doubt Rand Paul

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1) I highly doubt Rand Paul

1) I highly doubt Rand Paul is running. Granted that the future is always in motion, but he has promised to run for reelection in Kentucky, and he can't run for both per Kentucky law. His wife has nixed a presidential run for Rand, and the usual statements he has made in favor of a POTUS run are facetious ones like "not ruling it out" and "wouldn't mind," and he often admits explicitly that he's just stoking the media speculation so he can present his philosophy to the public with tons of otherwise unreachable coverage (much like his dad).

2) If things change and Rand does run (assuming TPTB don't forcibly stop him), he will win the nomination, and though it's too early to be sure, he will have a massive leg up in the general election. As someone who's interested in politics as a game (like chess), I am amazed every time I hear Rand open his mouth, even when I disagree with him, at how politically adroit he is. He makes Obama and Bill Clinton look like Perry and Biden (skill-wise).

3) Rubio is probably not the GOPE selection (they are purists, after all), but he is NOT damaged goods to conservative voters because of his immigration reform; that's his biggest strength. In fact, he is our biggest threat for now because he has Teaocon creds; while being viewed as a conservative, he can claim the "electability" mantle - especially with the GOP's new best friend: Sr. Latino. "No estamos no el partido del gringos no mas!" If you think conservatives won't forgive his trespass, google Willard Romney, or look at this video of a Republican grassroots strategy meeting.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

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