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Thats true Wolfe!

I think 1.5 mil voted for Johnson and who knows how many more wrote in Paul or were too pissed off to vote at all. I seem to remember a quote about a pissed off, relentless minority being able to accomplish something.... ;-). I am ready for this. Just completely ursurp and invalidate their 'power'. Leave them standing there making resolutions and giving orders maybe even having trials and NOONE follows through or listens to them. Watch it all dissolve. I wonder where B.O. will work after this...

Remember we're only against a few hundred, maybe a couple thousand people and some gutless merc's. Once passed we can follow our law only. Through non-cooperation, together, like Ghandi did, we can take down the empire without firing a round....

Like that guy in Atlas shrugged who gave them permission to live off him and control him by fear and guilt and finally decided his own dignity was all that matter and instantly tendered them powerless.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.