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But that's because they have the power right now and without an alternative document anyone who doesn't see things the way they do is against America. Their power must be made illegitimate by a morally superior ideal being furnished by us in which to measure their injustice against and thus raise up our perceived justice and equanimity.

Right now, calling for a return to principles is deemed quaint and romantic but Behind the time's, some say kooky. But if you have a new document without the stains.of greedy and evil men disfiguring it, you then become champions of progress of upward mobility for the.masses of newness, freshness, hope and.possibilities. You can hold a.real document and say, "this is going to give you a better life" the old way isn't....its old and needs to be hung in the gut us this.far but it was too frail or whatever.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.