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My interpretation is that

The weakness of Indo-European culture is that we are cultural imperialists. We seek a universal culture and want to extend a hegemony of ideas over all. In fact we want cultural domination more than we want racial purity. Hence we try to integrate and steal ideas and pull more and more different peoples into our culture until the social system collapses. In someways America is the battlefront between African and European identities and both parties feel ownership of parts of each others culture (no American would give up our Afro-Rock/Music Heritage). I would say we got the Asians very interested in our scheme (but they'll be less impressed when the economy implodes) and we now are trying to get the Middle Easterners in line. But they want to change our foundation from Judeo-Christian,Greco-Roman to Judeo-Christian-Muslim, Greco-Roman-Arab. The only way Indo-European culture can nonviolently reconcile with the Arab world is through the Persians or possibly the Ottomans but that is not in the cards any time soon. The most Western thinking philosophers of the Arab world were Persian and the Ottomans are deeply interbred with Eastern Europeans (and vice-versa).