Comment: Calm Down Cyril

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Calm Down Cyril

The root of DP will never go away. And people standing up have exposed quite a lot.

I have NO faith in people like The Granger because people like her have nothing but political intent.

But I DO have a lot of faith in people that are standing up for their rights as they are taken away.

The Baby Boomers are going to be SHOCKED when they have to wake up.

America is already being declared Martial law by people like Lawman.

It's all about fake money! How could America fall to another country and allow itself to be 'invaded'?

By issuing fake money and massive propaganda. Getting people like Mad23, Lawman, and I dare say Granger trying to change the freedom concept from Americans minds.

IF it doesn't follow the Golden Rule with ME, it doesn't fly.

Sorry (((GRANGER)))

Your shit doesn't fly no matter what songs you post.