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Comment: Answer: no.

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Answer: no.

Answer: no.

Or not yet, anyway, if ever. Evidence?

Well, nobody found appropriate to praise the "qualities" of the socialo-communist plan when I gave this no-brainer primer about it:

(was just an exercise of style; bear with my silliness)

Either that or those who secretly found it cool "in the principle" (as I would already hear all the time 20 years ago as a student) were, say, "overwhelmingly too shy" to expose themselves.

And, thing is, I've rarely (ever?) encountered a shy self-proclaimed socialist or communist... as they tend to brag a lot about their genius "plans", while swimming with delight in their flows of gross ignorance about human nature (which is naturally... much imperfect) and their contempt for individuals (who are humanely... very precious).



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