Comment: Too bad everyone wants to butt into others business.

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Too bad everyone wants to butt into others business.

Too bad everyone wants to butt into others business.

Granted, but... looks to me Mr. Farrakhan started it.

Or... should I say, "continued"?

Now, what you say is pure common sense respecting the individual, in my book, and I sure don't want to miss acknowledging it as such. So, thank you for putting it first and this simple. The only reserve I'd have is about how one defines oneself in regard to his/her so-called "race"... This sort of choice is prone to possibly much, much confusion, or disappointment, or both. Life is soooo much easier when one doesn't have to think in terms of all encompassing "races" or "cultures", IMO.

As for the OP, I find it's still useful for people like us who understand individual liberty (hopefully), to be aware of what the other camp of inhumane absurdity is up to... with their intelligence-insulting "race" CONTROL-MANIA lip service (... if not much worse than just lip service).

AFAIC, it's really tiring to see their nonsense being spilled all too often, and at large, without us counter-attacking (read: denouncing it for what it is exactly - always more division over actual or believed prejudice).


Mr. Farrakhan: YOU should try HARDER.

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