Comment: Only When They're Gone

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Only When They're Gone

Only when the Farrakhan's, Jackson's and Sharpton's of the world are no longer listened to or die of old age will America begin truly coming together and not seeing race as something that divides us.

You see, these people make their living by perpetuating the false dialogue that white's are racist, black people can't be racist and that the "white man" is holding them down. It's very similar to the two party system and how they use wedge issues to make people think there is a difference between the two.

As we move away from the days of true and widespread racism in our country, these people become less and less important. They are on their way out. Then and only then can the dialogue in America shift and people are judged on the merits of their actions regardless of their skin color. If you're black or white and racist, well then you're a racist. If you're ignorant and black you're no longer the "n" word, if you're ignorant and white you're no longer a "whatever the term is used", you're just an ignorant S.O.B.

I can't stand the race baiters who out of one side of their mouth talk about equality and unity when out of the other side of their mouth what they mean is superior treatment of the race they advocate for. Disgusting humans with despicable views of the world.

In related news, 88 year old white WWII veteran that took a bullet in the leg in Okinawa was beat to death by two young black men (they will be caught and incarcerated for the rest of their lives). 22 year old white college student shot by a black teen with a history on his social networks of racist remarks (he will be caught and incarcerated the rest of his life). 72% of black children born are born out of wedlock. Black on black murder is the lead cause of death of blacks in this country.

But these race baiters are silent on these issues. Why? Because it doesn't fit their narrative and doesn't help to line their pockets with FRNs. If they truly cared about black people, they would look at the cultural issues within the black community and at the very least stand up and say something. But they should be careful because as Bill Cosby will tell you, when you actually address these issues you will be drug through the mud and accosted because again it doesn't fit the victimization mentallity. All I hear are crickets. Their silence is deafening. When will America wake up?