Comment: We are not supposed to notice?

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We are not supposed to notice?

We are supposed to pretend that it's all normal and natural?

"Sexual orientation and gender issues" are a construct of a society that has gone nuts and has embraced bizzaro world. Whatever happened to the word "sex"? Manning's sex is male

Manning thinks he is a woman and I think I am a trained circus bull elephant and I demand that Ringling Brothers hire me for their elephant show (if they don't, I will have the law on them). If anyone even so much as looks sideways at me I will accuse them of being fixated on my elephant orientation and gender issues, and I will agitate for laws to force everyone celebrate my orientation. Bakers will have to bake cakes for me when I want to marry another circus elephant, or I will have their business shut down. It's the people looking sideways at me who are crazy and mixed up and bigoted and ray-ciss. Nothing wrong with me at all.