Comment: Farrakhan is right.

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Farrakhan is right.

If you take a white sheet of paper and add any color it is no longer white.
If you take a pure bred bull and mate it with any other breed the offspring is not pure.
If you take a healthy bull and breed it with a sickly cow the offspring will be more sickly than the healthy bull.
If you compromise between right and wrong you will always get wrong.
If a white and black person mate the child will never be white.

I'm glad it was Farrakhan who said this although I have known this for a while now and there are others who have been scorned for speaking this truth in the past. This truth is also great evidence of the fallacy of evolution.

And for all you group think anti white liberals, there is nothing wrong with a man wanting his offspring to look like he does. There is nothing racist about it. Another way of taking Farrakhan's words are, soon white people will be more precious than gold or silver.