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the theme of this thread

is "i fully support rand paul" so there are going to be some folks who don't, and some who are still watching him or support him sometimes, or support him as a senator. i never had much of an interest in politics and then i read about this ron paul guy and before i knew it i was working on his campaign. there has never been anyone like him before or since. so, you could say i'm spoiled. from what i've seen so far i could not get behind rand, donate money and time, and i believe ron when he says it's an intellectual revolution. i think it's going to take time and events before we see any real swing towards liberty. i think rand lies to both groups,and also tells the truth to both groups. one step forward, two steps back. his advisors will will steer him more towards one group as 2015 approaches, and my guess it will be the establishment republicans. he will bring along some of the liberty crowd because he is ron's son,and because some will feel that once in office he will do some good. ralph nader wrote a very good, fair and intelligent critique of rand:
unless i see some drastic change, like rand proclaiming himself the peace candidate i will vote for gary johnson, who is not perfect either but more in line with liberty, and seems a trustworthy man, something that i never get from rand. do you think rand will ever draw the massive, passionate college crowds like his dad did without becoming the peace candidate? politicians in general are bad news in my opinion, and so ones who offer a glimmer of sanity,one holds even more to the fire to make sure they are the real deal, and not just after power and stardom.