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Take responsibility

I'm not blowing you away. You're blowing yourself away.

Yes, I found Ron's programming boring, in that it was slow, canned, fabricated interveiws, IOW, not well scripted, but elementary high school level work, "Well Ron I know you like to talk about this", I felt that he lacked entertainment, there are many songs for him, he could be featuring grassroots, poets, activists, people who he met and did remarkable things for him to inspire, he could have sponcers, he could have introduced people from his RPI, letting us know about them, encouraging us to join RPI, he has old friends, from Lew Rockwell to Tom Woods that he could have interveiwed.. he could be the interviewer, maybe get some fellow congresscritters like Kuchinich, and Amash to discuss issues, showed us YouTubes he liked. There's a lot he could have done to make the time go quickly and wanting people to hate the program to end, and excited to see the next. This is not an insult, but constructive criticism. I want his Channel to not sustain but to THRIVE.

I think snowden is a dupe, if not a cog, for a global government. I know from being raised in the military that the government does not take anything away without having a a replacement in operating order. I fully believe that NSA was made irrelevant before Snowden and Greenwald's fabricated exposure. I'm sure NSA went global. You no longer have to worry that NSA is spying on you, there are contracts in place globally doing it instead. Snowden is doing what he was doing in the USA for a private Russian company. Greenwald's partner is detained at Heathrow, telling you that GLOBALLY, they are being tracked.. and Greenwald didn't know? He's awefully brazen with his threats. Snowden stole classified information, Greenwald accepted stolen contraband, Miranda transported the contraband, and to me, it's a SHOW.. to keep you amused/entertained. The dots are easy to connect. Snowden's asylem in Russia is for one year. The year will be up and then what? Think the USA can't wait? Snowden and Greenwald have produced no information anyone who grew up in the war on drugs didn't know. Now more people "know", and what can they do? NOTHING. So what's the point?

I don't hate what Manning exposed, it's how he exposed it. It's another BIG STORY that's not a story.. you mean to tell me that the military is not a killing machine? You had no idea? The USA has hid the tragedy of the USS Liberty for decades.. you didn't know this?

I LOVE America despite it's warts. Obama is MY president despite how I feel about his admistration is operating, and I believe we should be more like Israel because Israel protects the rights of Israelis, why most are trained in the IDF, I respect Israel's government providing business opportunity for ALL, not signing onto the UN Agenda, believing that people need land, water, ownership, freedom.. rather than a UN Agenda.

I just completed re-writing my committee By-Laws (checking election codes, State laws, county laws, GOP National and State Bi-Laws and Robert's Rules of Order, making three pages of suggestions, presenting it to the Rules committee, and making in known, to the committee and rules commitee that the constitution IS THE SUPREME LAW, and this will be taken to the CA GOP conference, where I will be making another presentation because SOVREIGN AMERICA, CA, County, and materializing Ron Paul's RESTORE THE REPUBLIC is something I don't expect someone like you to bother doing. I did it. What are you doing besides blaming me for "blowing your mind"? Got more insults and attacks Base? Go for it. I can hardly wait to read what YOU are doing.