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point of view

my point of view is this. Im in the boonies about as far north in the USA as one can get to Canada without being in Canada. In order to get channels at all I have to pay 120 buck to Dish network, just to pick up RT as its in a high teer program, or premium. This also lets my children get Scoobey doo, amd TMNT. $120 bucks for essentially NOTHING worth looking at. $10 bucks a month to get the views and opinions on news events that are otherwise corrupted or slanted by big media, is a heck of a lot better in my eyes than the alternative.

The best part about it, is you have a choice of what you pay for (except Obummercare and taxes)in this country. If you dont want to pay for Ron Paul Channel, but pay ridiculous amounts like I have done in the past, for propagandized news, and a couple channels for the kids, its pretty much hypocritical to say the RP channel is some sort of bad thing.

People can speculate as to salaries and the like, but, its Ron Paul. ITS RON PAUL. are you seriously going to complain about real news and insights when probably most of you PAY the same dang machine that lies to us in the first place? Seems like a moot point, but I see it, and I see people making something out of nothing in the FREE MARKET so many supposedly support.

quit complaining and get your news from Cox, Time Warner, CBS, CNBC etc while paying to be shown crap.

Just makes no sense all the complaining about something that is of free will to do or not, while hypocritically paying the same system that so many are fighting against. Big waste of energy

For Liberty!!!