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yeah when I was young, I was

yeah when I was young, I was baptist by family. as I grew and learned, I saw that the bible was perverted from its original translation into many disgusting forms.

Once I started reading the original translation, the real one, I found that it is much different than what is now taught in the bibles of today, that so many thumpers say is the absolute truth, unbeknown to them that men changed it, corrupted it, to serve their own agendas, so they are essentially no different in terms of being a uneducated hypocrite, thus actually quoting the bible with things that man changed after it was written, and are not actually factually accurate, but swear a gunfight in defending them same lies.

Man corrupted the bible as man corrupted the quran. Its up to US, as God says, to find the truth, not take anyone's word for it. Even if I believe in neither, the moral principal remains the same: to judge others by what your told, and not by actions is shameful to anyone who has done their homework and found out that your justification for demonizing others is actually false.

and today its being used in culture wars to divide us to fight amongst ourselves as to who is better, when those of any faith who have done nothing to others, are demonized for, in the end, a story re-written for them to conform to a belief never intended when written.

Dont buy into the narrative, search for original Hebrew translations of the bible and compare to king james or the other and see how far the truth has been changed and corrupted, before you stand upon your religion to justify anything to do with harming others because they are lumped into the same faith our leaders say is so bad. Its just what they want us to do, so they can control us.

For Liberty!!!