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That's your job

To Rove, small government is a small party of YES folks, and these folks don't stop writing and rewiting to stay on top. I'm well aware that they steal, cheat, lie.. that's them, not us.

They are on top and they need folks like you to work at making those who are in, to give up, guit, back out, back off, think they are "kissing ass".. but some of us understand, the name of the game is to stay in the game until you have a real shot, because we will get that shot.. if we stay in. It doesn't matter who they pick.. we know who we want. They know who we want. You have no one, but Rove's butt.

The rEVOLution is people like me who do the work inspired by people you mentioned. We are not messangers.. they are. We materialze their message by getting in the GOP, and writing/re-writing by-laws, resolutions, platform, rules, and not letting them rest.

The good news for us is the states are changing voting and election laws AGAIN, and so that levels the playing feild.. many of them are old, tired, don't want to relearn.. so those who begin learning now are EQUAL.. we are all learning together. They are tired, we are not.

The GOP needs to change. You can sit outside and yell DIRT all you want.. I'm in the game, and getting dirty to clean it up.. the dirt will wash off because it's not mine. It's not ours. They made it dirty because they figired we wouldn't want to get dirty to clean it up.. well, they are wrong and so are you.

If all this is some road side attraction you're part of the problem.