Comment: People aren't perfect how could the troops know?

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People aren't perfect how could the troops know?

Looked like he had a RPG. 0:56 guy closest to the pole is clearly swinging an AK-47. Few more have AKs too. Only 2 guys had cameras.

Hindsight is 20/20; Van guys were trying to help and not escape with a terrorist leader. But no matter the reason. Who brings kids into a firefight?
The soldiers were clearly trying to help the girls.
I don't know, but maybe the base doc was performing a procedure. Make shift bases overseas don't have real hospitals. During my stay both Japan & Corpus Christi, Texas had full size permanent hospitals with no doctors. I saw a Japanese doctor. In Texas, we didn't see real doctors. I drove to San Antonio for a nurse practitioner. In Korea, I went to a civilian hospital for food poisoning. Thank god nothing happened to me in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philippines etc... So anyway, I'm thinking they had 1 or 2 surgeons, 1 nurse practitioners and 50 medics most fresh from HS, boot camp & medic school. Injured soldiers are stabilized and sent to Germany &/or US for real care.