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Comment: Yes. That is exactly right. (sarcasm) ??? :(

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Yes. That is exactly right. (sarcasm) ??? :(

Why would say something like that?

A Messianic Jew is a Jew who recognizes the Messiah has come, once before. They are also Christians who are seeking to understand their Jewish roots.

Messianics do not pretend to know the whole Truth, and it is all about Jews and Christians coming together to try to discover just what is going on here with this Bible stuff.

It is one religion, one story.

I'm sorry if you've let the word of others, I'm guessing in particular the Roman Institution, cloud your understanding of the scriptures (as they re-arrange the proper chronological order and omit stories altogether) and the idea that they speak the truth. Or whatever your problem is.

Messianic Judaism is one of the only forms of Christianity that doesn't claim it's better than any other, and doesn't claim that you will go to hell if you aren't messianic.

If you don't care for what Man's Structures of Power have to say about G-d, then you should study the scriptures yourself. When you get down to the nitty-gritty, Jesus was a Jew, in Jerusalem, fulfilling a Jewish prophesy. Rome was the enemy. Rome's institution was paganized from the start. That's history, not religion. Messianic Judaism is a modern search for the original faith of the past.

My Mother was born and raised Roman Catholic, went to Nun school, as did her mother. My grandmother (92) lives with us and is very hardcore Catholic, and even she is opening up to Messianic Judaism now.

My father born and raised reform/conservative Jewish.

I was raised celebrating Christmas and Chanukah, Passover and Easter, etc.

I have always found the correlations between both religions. I always felt it was really one story, misinterpreted because it was split up and divided.
My folks, in their retirement years, have come to really embrace Messianic Judaism, as they always did really, but didn't know what it was called, or what they were.

I believe it is the truth. Or closer to it. Not because of Dogma, but because of History, politics, philosophy, scripture, faith, etc...

Messianic Judaism is constantly evolving, as we learn more, and more is revealed, until His Return...

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