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Comment: Your concept of a military is unconstitutional

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Your concept of a military is unconstitutional

The Constitution authorizes a Navy but NOT a standing Army. Why? The military is to be relegated to floating islands called ships, never to set foot on land. The Constitution authorizes Congress to raise Armies (plural) during times of invasion. The plural means that Armies shall come and go. They are raised in response to invasion, and they are disbanded when the invasion is repelled. Such Army is to have a temporary existence, the funding for which is limited to 2 years. Funding can be renewed during a prolonged invasion, but it is not intended to be a revolving door.

The Marines were created as part of the Navy as an end-around the prohibition against ground troops, in defiance of the Constitution.

The Second Amendment is the only national defense America needs. Nobody is going to invade a nation of 300 million gun owners.

The difference between a militia and an Army is a militia is a grass roots fighting force with no centralized command, whereas an Army is a top-down establishment, historically commanded by a tyrant.