Comment: All Jews are Messianic

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All Jews are Messianic

All Jews believe the Messiah will come. He could come today. He could come tomorrow. He could come a hundred years from now. No one knows when he will come, but it is certain he will come. The Messiah is a man, not a god. A Jew does not pray to the Messiah. When the Messiah comes, all the Jews will be returned to Israel from exile, all wars will end, the Temple will descend from heaven fully built, and the dead will be resurrected. Since this has not happened, the Messiah has not come. The Messiah does not need a do-over. The soul of the Messiah has come to earth many times, because Judaism believes in reincarnation. There are many men who had the reincarnated soul of the Messiah and who could have been the Messiah, but ultimately, none fulfilled their potential. The Romans did monkey with the New Testament but not the Old.