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galtgulch you should know better


You've been a member of the forum for almost 6 years. Weren't you paying attention to how the "Grate One" (as Tom DiLorenzo calls him) did everything he could to disparage Dr. Paul. How can a so-called originalist or strict contructionist denigrate the man with the hands down best Constitutional voting record in the past 100 yrs, if not ever?

The guy's a joke. He worked in the Reagan Justice Department under Ed Meese. Not only is he pro-war, he is wrong on Presidential War Powers. See Tom Woods' and Kevin Gutzman's takedown of him on the Mike Church show.

He's your typical establishment conservative who pretends he's not because he criticizes Republicans who are even more establishment that he is.

He boycotted CPAC because the Birch Society had a table there. As a libertarian, I have my disagreements with the Birch Society but nobody can claim that they are not a solid pro-Constitution organization.