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i'm sure he's a swell

guy to talk and have a beer with, (after all he is ron paul's son!) but if you're really a street wise kind of guy then you realize that one meeting with someone doesn't seal a deal. i wish i could tell you all the people i've met (who put on their good side) and turn out to be something else. no, i'm not saying he is a bad person, but he is a real politician (unlike his dad) so for me he's already got a strike against him. for OUR benefit? so none of this is for HIS benefit? sorry, i don't buy that. johnson seems more like ron than rand does, to me. out of the three i've met ron and there my friend is a man who is one in a million (no hidden agenda, no pretense, no craving for power or ego. what you see is what you get). we probably agree on that, but i don't base that on one meeting, but rather a close study for many years. we may both end up voting for the same man after all. good luck to you.