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Comment: I am NO fan of Bush

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I am NO fan of Bush

Bush made it very clear, this was not a war against Islam; however I am convinced many Islamics want it to be a war and against Islam.

What Bush did was sign treaties with the UN Agenda.. The UN is a democratic majority of Communist and Islamic nations, and what Islam does not like, is the smae thing many Americans do not like, and that is the UN Agenda which takes property, rights and arms and dictates how you will live in your country in the name of Democracy because the UN is a Democracy.

MANY Americans see what Bush did as a war on America, not Islam. Today, 32 state's courts are being challanged to adopt Sharia law. It's the kind of war where not a shot is fired, but the people wakew up to find they don't know their country. The fear is that since Americans don't know or understand Sharia laws, if it passes, as did in parts of Europe, and why 1/2 million Jews are seeking Amnesty in Israel, someone who does know Sharia law can accuse an American and ask for the court to be Sharia.. the American will lose every time.

I have not read the Quoran, but have seen many lectors, and as a woman, a Western Woman.. they would have my head faster than I could blink an eye.. least we forget Benazir Bhutto