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A simple & rational explanation

Tool use is actually much simpler then agriculture and animal husbandry and has been demonstrated by many animals.

Tool use capability has been independently demonstrated by animals such as:

1. Chimpanzees - Stone tools, spears, straws to eat ants
2. Crows (some of the smartest, check them out on youtube)
3. Orangutans - whistles from leaves
4. Dolphins - widely recognized intelligence second only to homo sapiens
5. Elephants
6. Octopuses
7. Sea otters
8. etc. etc. etc

I could go on and on. So here is your rational explanations, tool use is much easier to recognize as beneficial to a particular individual (human or not) as it is a function of the NOW (for example, chimps using sticks to lure out ants so they could eat them).

On the other hand, farming takes much more foresight, understanding that planting seeds now could potentially yield food 3-12 months from now takes far more understanding of the natural processes around us.

I hope this helps clarify the differences between use of tools and learned skills such as farming.

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