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I didn't consider you a Zionist until you implied you were one. So, when I said "Zionists aren't welcome" - I wasn't even referring to you at the time. I considered you strictly a Jew and was embracing you with open arms.

I've rarely seen you post, so I really don't know what your opinions/stances are.

You want me to numerically list what I consider Zionists to be or what? Okay, here we go.

1. Support the existence of the state of Israel
2. Support military action in "defense" of Israel, no matter the repercussions (Hello, WWIII)
3. Support endless spending as long as it's in the name of Israel

Essentially, we have people within the States that hold Israel as more important than their own country. I consider that a problem when that means bankrupting our country and losing countless lives in pointless wars.