Comment: i believe im an atheist, who

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i believe im an atheist, who

i believe im an atheist, who doesnt disregard the possibility of some higher being

What i DONT believe in is the "ACCURACY" of man made religion, not when it has shared its time in history with the entities we now currently call "government"

I suspect their may be truths in the religions of the world, in their sayings, in their verbs, and in their stories, but i also believe that their may be lies aswell, ones that would be so cleverly implemented that it would survive the generations in plain sight.....and if this is so, then i'd have to concede that it may even fool me, not that im special, but that we are essentially all the same inside, and if THATS the case, how could i positively recognise a possible truth or a possible of the biggest reasons for doubting man made religion, is the hurt done in its name......its too human for my liking

Judge a person by their actions, not what they believe, and religious folk need to understand that STRONG conviction is not sole property to religion

I know im probably gonna miff some religious folk here, but i dont like seing a one sided "battle" on this, I REALLY FUCKING DONT........excuse my language